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Young Leaders Reflect On Their Time in the Bush Institute's Liberty and Leadership Program

The Bush Institute's Liberty and Leadership program Class of 2020 reflect on their time spent in the program.

Article by Katie Kardell October 8, 2020 //   3 minute read

Tin Win

LLP important to me because It boosted up my capacity and compelled me to play as a role model at the community level on the ground to reconcile and scale up interaction among the diverse communities which will support for the advancement of the democracy in my Country.







LLP is important to me, because this program gave me a lot of knowledge and changed my mind set after attending the program. First, it changed my mind and helped me understand other people's values and perspective, which was very effective in communication with my team. Second, I am mostly active in the field of social work and politics. Finally, I found a partner who was interested in women's issues. In the future, I will be working for women and youth.






 Amm Ngeal (Tun Tun Win)

LLP has encouraged me to step forward.








 Mwe Hlaing

One of the great experiences with Liberty and Leadership program is that visiting to Cristo Rey and learn how the school is programming to empower the student and making the education is accessible for students from low-income families.






 Saw Eden

The Liberty and Leadership Program of George W. Bush Institute has inspired courage and invaluable skills in me to keep fighting against hunger.












 Naw Say Eh Htoo

We have a dream to see a better Myanmar with a better system and we can work together.






 Ma Win

LLP is a part of my dream and a pair of stairs to reach my goal. After I learned some knowledge from this program, I got more empowered and more improved my personal skills and leadership skills to run my organization. Therefore I am enthusiastic to promote the new generation to be a part of Liberty and Leadership Program for building of Myanmar.







 Nay Lin Htike

LLP has been important for me as the program empowers me to be an active citizen and to be able to contribute my great efforts for my society. Additionally, I have been able to tolerate and accept the different perceptions from other scholars as a value-added.






 Ong Ring

LLP gave me a huge network and a lot of experience that I could apply in my life and work.










Seng Aung Sein Myint

Friendship is as important as the knowledge you gain during the program.






 Brang Chyoi

The popularity of President Bush has influenced me throughout my childhood which relates to me a big dream.This memory makes me always proud of myself and my passion to become a leader when I look at this photo.

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