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Postcard from Davos by Ken Hersh

Bush Center President and CEO Ken Hersh participated in the World Economic Forum in Davos, speaking at a panel on energy.

Article by Kenneth A. Hersh January 18, 2017 //   2 minute read

Greetings from Davos 2017.

A couple early impressions on day two. There is incredible optimism around the disruptive and positive technological changes that are happening all over the world and people are talking about new ways to focus on health care, on education, on finance, you name it.

Technology is changing the world. And an incredible overtone of uncertainty brought about in the developed world which is really unsettling. Usually risk and uncertainty are products of the emerging markets but this year with the Trump election – it has obviously cast an overhang around what future policy is going to be coming out of the United States, and then uncertainty in Europe with respect to upcoming elections, financial systems, Brexit, and weakening leadership, along with a very aggressive Eastern border – Russia.

So these are some pretty contradictory forces at play and it’s fascinating to watch people come to grips with the situation. More later.

View the panel on the Future of Energy: