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Matthew Rooney Talks to CNN Money About NAFTA Negotiations

In an interview with CNN Money, George W. Bush Institute's Economic Growth Director, Matthew Rooney, defends NAFTA and the modernization of the trade agreement.

Article by Sarah Gibbons August 17, 2017 //   1 minute read

 The U.S., Canada, and Mexico officially started renegotiating NAFTA yesterday in Washington. The George W. Bush Institute’s Director of Economic Growth, Matthew Rooney, was asked by CNN Money to weigh in on the topic. Rooney defended NAFTA and expressed support for modernizing the trade agreement that has been very beneficial to the U.S. and global economy. When asked about the time frame of the negotiation talks, Rooney admitted it may be a longer process than expected.

"I'm skeptical that you can fundamentally rewrite the agreement in six to eight months," said Rooney.

Read more from CNN Money’s article here.

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