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In Case You Missed It: Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team Takes the Court in Kabul

Article by Farhat Popal October 21, 2016 //   2 minute read

October 18th marked the beginning of the annual wheelchair basketball season for women with disabilities in Kabul, Afghanistan. For the last five years, the International Committee of the Red Cross has been putting on these tournaments as a way to help men and women with disabilities get back on their feet. For Afghan women, this is not only sport – it leads to empowerment and confidence. In the words of one female athlete, Nilofar, "I will continue working here and playing basketball. Even if I feel I can't carry on, I won't give up. I'll encourage and train other disabled girls to do sport, because they can make changes to their lives too. They have the same rights as any other person." Hers is a story of resilience, like so many other Afghan women who are fighting hardship with grace and determination.

To learn more about Afghan women using sport to transform their lives and the lives of others, please see the story of Kobra Dastgirzada in We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope by the Bush Institute. For more on the work of the Bush Institute in amplifying Afghan women’s voices, check out the Afghan Women’s Project.

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