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Liberty and Leadership Forum Goes to Washington

Article by Ashley McConkey October 28, 2016 //   2 minute read

Two weeks ago, the Bush Institute welcomed its third Liberty and Leadership Forum class to Dallas.  The program engages participants on political philosophy, democratization, and leadership, but it also brings them to Washington, D.C. to experience classroom theory in practice  The Young Leaders were eager to absorb lessons that might be applied back home in advancing their burgeoning democracy.

The Bush Institute's Liberty and Leadership Forum is an innovative educational and training program that equips young leaders with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed during a democratic transition. The goals of the program are to foster democratic political currents, cultivate networks of individuals unified around a common vision, and prepare men and women for increased leadership in countries where transitions to freedom are occurring.

The year-long program includes more than 115 hours of training around three pillars of study:

  • The principles of liberal democracy and economic freedom
  • Lessons from other democratic transitions
  • Practical leadership and management skills