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The Military is America's Pipeline for Leadership

Article by Ashley McConkey November 9, 2015 //   2 minute read

This week, Matt Amidon, our Deputy Director of Military Service Initiative, is attending the Veterans on Wall Street Symposium and Hiring Fair in New York.  Colonel Amidon will be distributing the Bush Institute’s Employment Transition Roadmap.  The Roadmap was a collaboration between our Military Service Initiative and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Hiring Our Heroes program and was a designed to serve as a guide to help Veterans plan and navigate their transition in order to succeed in the civilian workforce. 

In the past month, our Military Service Initiative has attended numerous conferences to reinforce how Veterans are a valuable asset to businesses.  Because we know that for our Veterans, the key to a successful transition is employment.  And for employers, we know that the military is America’s pipeline for leadership.

More Information about Veterans on Wall Street: (VOWS) is an initiative dedicated to honoring former and currently military personnel by facilitating career and business opportunities in the financial services industry.  Through a combination of educational initiatives, mentoring, outreach to the military, employee affinity groups, and an annual conference, VOWS promotes career development, support, and retention of veterans throughout the global financial services industry.

Central to the VOWS mission is the recognition that many of the skills veterans developed in the military–leadership, fast and accurate decision–making, operational focus, and the drive to accomplish a mission–have a direct application on Wall Street. VOWS also recognizes that the cultural values our veterans have developed in the military—passion, drive, commitment, and teamwork—mesh with the corporate values sought after and practiced in the financial services industry. VOWS works with military organizations, veterans groups, industry associations and vendors to build awareness and understanding of how these skills and cultural attributes make military veterans outstanding employees.