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The Bush Institute's Matt Rooney on KERA Discussing North America

Article by Ashley McConkey November 18, 2015 //   2 minute read

Today, Matt Rooney was a guest of the KERA show, Think with Krys Boyd.  Rooney outlined the Bush Institute's North America Initiative and took questions from callers about the economy.  While it was a live broadcast, you can listen to the taped discussion here.  

The Institute’s Economic Growth program has launched a North America Competitiveness Initiative to strengthen economic integration in North America.  We believe that increased economic integration among the U.S., Canada, and Mexico will strengthen the US economy, create opportunity across the continent, enable the U.S. to better compete, and ultimately improve the global economy.

As part of this project, the Bush Institute has developed a “scorecard” to compare the economic competitiveness of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico relative to other major economic regions and countries with large economies.  The Scorecard is an educational tool –it combines indices from organizations like the World Economic Forum, Frasier Institute, World Bank and Wall Street Journal to ascertain how North America compares with other regions and countries.