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Growing North America

Article by Matthew Rooney September 2, 2015 //   2 minute read

As part of the Bush Institute’s focus on North America, where we concentrate on free market policies that promote economic integration among the United States, Canada and Mexico, the Institute tomorrow will host its inaugural North America Competitiveness Working Group. Thought leaders from business, government, and academia, representing all three countries, will meet throughout the day to identify policy strategies to more closely integrate our economies.

Challenges stand in the way, so the Working Group will analyze practical steps that can produce stronger job creation and growth across North America. As part of the work, we will examine such issues as energy infrastructure and regulation, human capital and workforce development, and border infrastructure.

The Working Group intends to hold two additional sessions to develop and present an achievable agenda to continental policymakers in early 2016. 

Look for further announcements here as this work progresses. Our goal is simple: Stimulate the growth of the U.S. economy by opening market opportunities across the continent and enabling the U.S. to better compete in the global economy.

Matthew Rooney is director of the economic growth initiative at the George W. Bush Institute.