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World AIDS Day 2014: Closing the Gap on HIV-Vulnerable Women and Cervical Cancer

Article by Brittney Bain December 1, 2014 //   2 minute read

Doyin Oluwole, Executive Director of Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon at the Bush Institute, writes today for the Huffington Post blog on World AIDS Day 2014 and the connection between HIV-vulnerable women and cervical cancer. As she explains, women infected with HIV are four-to-five times more likely to develop cervical cancer than their HIV-negative peers because HIV weakens the immune system and reduces the ability to fight infection. The Pink Ribbon Red Ribbon program, built on the PEPFAR platform, adds cervical cancer screening and treatment programs to facilities that already screen for HIV currently in five African countries.

“From an economic standpoint, investing in HIV and related diseases like cervical cancer continues to be a high-yield investment, with multiplier effects on productivity, efficiency and inclusive growth for Africa. These investments send a clear message that the economic participation of women is fundamental to Africa's future success. From an individual standpoint, it ensures the future generations … spend their lives surrounded by mothers, aunts and sisters,” writes Oluwole.

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