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What We're Reading | July 3, 2014

Article by Brittney Bain July 3, 2014 //   2 minute read

This week, our Afghan Women’s Project team was pleased to see this article in TIME magazine, written by a U.S. congressional delegation of women, on the fragile gains Afghan women are making and the support they need to maintain their progress. The five congresswomen detail the advancements they witnessed firsthand on a recent trip to Afghanistan and explain the significance of hard-won gains made by Afghan women, writing “inclusion of women in society indicates stability, and a stable Afghanistan will lead to greater international security. Continued non-military support must include the use of resources to maintain and grow the progress made by Afghan women.”

On education reform, the Wall Street Journal recently featured an editorial by Eric Hanushek focusing on the importance of accountability in the debate over Common Core standards. Hanushek writes, “Regardless of what or whose standards are adopted in the public schools, educational improvement requires strong accountability systems, rewarding teachers who are effective, eliminating teachers who are harming students, and providing added choice to parents about where their children go to school. Research has shown that these policies, while not silver bullets, each push toward higher student achievement…we cannot afford to back away from policies that actually have been shown to have a clear impact on student achievement.”

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