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Back to School with the Women's Initiative Fellowship

Article by Charity Wallace March 10, 2014 //   2 minute read

Many students are on Spring Break this week, but the 2014 Women’s Initiative Fellows are back to school! The Fellows are starting their journey with leadership courses at SMU. The women are learning about the power of influence and how to communicate effectively to achieve results. The week of courses teach the Fellows how to successfully problem solve, build teams, negotiate, and establish powerful networks. They learn to put the ideas into action by expanding their networks with professors at SMU, their American mentors, and other influential community leaders.

In the first class this morning, Instructor Kimberly Davis taught Fellows the value of communicating and influencing authentically to enhance their own leadership skills and ability. "It's hard to capture people's hearts, but when you do, they will move mountains for you," she said. It’s a lesson this remarkable group of Tunisian women is sure to take back with them to help build a strong civil society and make their impact on the future of their country.

Follow the fellows throughout their journey here.


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