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What We’re Reading – January 15, 2014

Article by Brittney Bain January 15, 2014 //   3 minute read

National Journal recently featured an article on Mission Continues, a nonprofit founded by a former Navy SEAL that helps post-9/11 veterans reconnect with the civilian world and find a job. Mission Continues is one of many nonprofits and military service organizations that are dedicated to helping our transitioning warriors. Unemployment is one of the most pressing issues facing post-9/11 veterans today. While the current unemployment rate is high for Americans, the overall unemployment rates for both male and female post-9/11 veterans remain even higher. Next month, the Bush Institute’s Military Service Initiative will hold a leadership summit to bring together leaders in the public and private sectors to look at ways to effectively support post-9/11 veterans and military families in the areas of jobs, wellness, family, education, housing and women’s veteran issues.

Last month, the Bush Institute selected 20 outstanding Tunisian women for the 2014 Women’s Initiative Fellowship class.  These women represent education, health, business, politics, law and media.  Each woman has a specific vision for how she plans to have a significant effect on the future of her country.  With the upcoming Fellowship, we’re keeping an eye this week on the near passage of the Tunisian Constitution. Three years after the birth of the Arab Spring, the latest Tunisian Constitution shows reasons to remain optimistic about freedom in the region. “The Constitution enshrines universal freedoms and rights, and calls for parity for women in elected bodies… Though the country remains divided over the role of religion in public life, those divisions were set aside in order to guarantee freedoms and prevent a return to the kind of dictatorial rule Tunisians overthrew in 2011.”

For a promising future, the country must maintain rights and opportunities for women. We are confident that Tunisia’s future will be improved by our dynamic Fellowship class. And speaking of female leaders, this article from Forbes looks at bright spots in 2014 for female entrepreneurs. We hope it provides inspiration for our Fellows and women around the world.