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Thoughts and Prayers with AUAF Victims’ Families and Friends

Article by Charity Wallace January 24, 2014 //   2 minute read

We were deeply saddened to hear of the deaths of 21 people, including two American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) faculty members, Alexandros Petersen and Lexie Kamerman, in a bombing at a restaurant in Kabul last week. We condemn the terrorist attack that took the innocent lives of those who were helping to build a better future for Afghanistan. The teachers, like many others, were working to advance the role of women in the country.

Mrs. Laura Bush is a longtime supporter of the American University of Afghanistan. AUAF provides education opportunity to both men and women and focuses on promoting women in Afghan society and providing support to the hundreds of women who attend school there. On her first trip to Afghanistan in 2005, Mrs. Bush announced USAID funds to begin at AUAF.  In May 2013, AUAF dedicated the International Center for Afghan Women’s Economic Development (ICAWED) and the Laura Bush Library and Resource Center, where students, women’s organization leaders and business owners can gather to research, study and plan.

Many brave Afghans, Americans, and international citizens work at AUAF to ensure Afghans have the opportunity to obtain an outstanding education. We remember Alexandros and Lexie for their courage and dedication in believing education is a right for all – men and women, boys and girls.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of the victims, their families and friends.