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Ripple Effect: Spotlighting Dina Hussein, Reem Molokhia and Caroline Kaldas

Article by Brooke Jenkins January 22, 2014 //   6 minute read

Despite recent reports highlighting the increasing discrimination against women in Egypt, the Women’s Initiative Fellows are courageously facing these challenges. Building upon the leadership training and skills they received during the U.S. portion of the Bush Institute’s Women’s Initiative Fellowship, the Fellows are actively working to improve their communities and country.  We believe these women will continue to play a powerful role in effecting change in their communities and are proud of their accomplishments.  Individually, these women are strong; as a class, they form a resilient circle with a powerful vision for the future of their beloved country.  Meet Dina, Reem and Caroline:

Dina Hussein

“Building the bridge”

With a unique perspective and an interest in both international affairs and media, Dina focuses her career on helping people across the globe better understand life in the Middle East and North Africa region. 

Dina aims to work with foreign policy leaders and legislators in Washington D.C. and the Middle East and North Africa region to understand and support their mutual interests and create flourishing symbiotic relationships that help foster stability and development. She hopes to continue her studies and obtain a master’s degree in international affairs and conflict resolution.

Dina is passionate about informing others and is a storyteller by nature. Her work as a journalist enabled her to pursue her passion for connecting and enlightening both sides of the globe and has helped her create a diverse, driven and multicultural network that will help her pursue her future goals.

Since returning to Egypt, Dina began working on a multiplatform project “Driving Dialogue,” which aims to bring together a young generation of upcoming policymakers from across the globe to interact and exchange ideas, theories and concepts to drive the dialogue taking place on the global sphere. She is simultaneously working to build up her network in international development and policy organizations in order to increase her reach and assist these organizations with her knowledge in cross-cultural communications and international security through development. 

Reem Molokhia

“I want to share my knowledge and lead a change in youth for bettering their education”

Fluent in three languages, Reem has a gift for the spoken word and enjoys immersing herself in new cultures.  Her experiences and travels opened her eyes to the plight of the Egyptian education system and the need for reform.  When Reem went to study in South Korea three years ago, she was impressed by the dynamic Korean youth. They inspired her to help Egyptian youth not only to learn new languages but practical study and learning skills that can help supplement and enhance their education.

She recognizes that reforming the education system will take time but wants to make an immediate difference in the lives of Egyptian youth.  Reem has partnered with Laila Attalla, a 2012 Women’s Initiative Fellow, in preparing a social startup that is involved with education reform and experiential learning. Reem is also currently working on a pilot project that offers an interactive learning program and language classes. Her classes will also serve as an introduction to the Korean education system, which Reem recognized to be stimulating and creative. 

Reem is searching for a scholarship for a master's degree in Korean studies that she hopes to acquire by 2015.

Reem aspires to leave a fingerprint on the importance of language learning and to help develop and overhaul the education system in Egypt.

Caroline Kaldas

Currently working in the HR department in a multinational firm in Egypt, Caroline’s position and experience has opened her eyes to the need for companies to further develop their employees and internal processes. She is passionate about coaching and training and wants to help international companies develop platforms that promote team building and conflict management, and encourages them to think “out-of-the-box”.  Caroline has recently started working with a training company in Egypt. To enhance her training capabilities, Caroline participated in a “Train the Trainer” course and has started studying counseling to understand motivation from a psychological standpoint.

Caroline continuously looks to expand her role and reach women across Egypt. One of her goals is to form a networking club for Egyptian women. She finds that many networking opportunities she attends are more of a social event and wants her club to offer meetings with a focus on meaningful conversation and ideas.  Caroline believes that it is critical for women to work together to ensure their rights are protected. The club would also sponsor opportunities for young women to travel internationally, increasing their knowledge of other cultures and spreading awareness of Egyptian culture. Within Egypt, Caroline wants to see a cultural shift that embraces the idea of strong women.

Caroline recently participated in a workshop, “Enhancing Women's Participation in Political Parties,” which focused on the empowerment of women.