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Energy Regulation: Policymakers Roundtable

Article by Brett McCormick December 26, 2013 //   2 minute read

The final post on our November 12 energy conference focuses on the governors and policymakers roundtable, which can be viewed by clicking on the title below.

Panel V: Governors and Policymakers Roundtable

Moderated by Russell Gold, energy reporter for The Wall Street Journal, the final panel featured Governor Rick Perry; Governor Sam Brownback; former Governor James Douglas; Canadian Minister of Finance James Flaherty; and former Mexico Secretary of Energy Jordy Herrera.

The first panelist, Gov. Perry, stated that the best way to achieve growth is by incenting the private-sector to risk capital. He added that regulation is important, but that the regulations must be well crafted and customized to fit specific circumstances. He argued that states are often in the best position to regulate since they are more in touch with a region’s needs. 

Gov. Perry also remarked on the importance of having representatives from Canada and Mexico present on the panel, saying that “…this is the start of a discussion to create a North American energy policy that can change the future of the world.” Minister Flaherty and Minister Herrera both agreed, each giving examples of how the countries already are interconnected and work together on energy issues.  Ultimately, this North American theme will continue to be explored and developed at the Bush Center, as it pertains to energy and other economic issues.


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