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Energy Regulation: International Competitiveness

Article by Brett McCormick December 10, 2013 //   2 minute read

Part three of our ongoing recap of the September 12 energy conference focuses on the panel which investigated the economic growth of the United States compared to the rest of the world.  A video of the panel can be found by clicking on the title below.

Panel III: Our Nation's Growth Versus Other Nations’

The final panel before lunch was led by the Managing Director of Capital Alpha Partners, James Lucier. This panel made the point that arbitrary U.S. regulation hurts American competitiveness abroad. One of the featured speakers was Ken Hersh, CEO and Co-Founder of NPG Energy Capital Management, who emphasized the power of market and the ingenuity within the energy industry. With this in mind, Hersh suggested that the regulatory cycle often lags behind the industry cycle. Nevertheless, Hersh emphasized that there is always a role and need for regulation in the industry, especially to police bad actors. The recurring theme throughout the panel was that, although the U.S. is ahead of most of the world when it comes to oil and gas technology, implementation, and infrastructure, whether the country achieves economic growth and energy security depends on enacting the right balance of legislation that polices the industry in a predictable way, while allowing ingenuity and the private sector to thrive.