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The All-Volunteer Force – Service Above Self

Article by Col. Matthew F. Amidon, USMCR November 14, 2013 //   2 minute read

Since 9/11, over two million veterans from our all-volunteer force have served in the Global War on Terror. Resilience, service above self and sacrifice are attributes embodied by all of our Warriors as they answered the call to defend freedom. They selflessly put the needs of the nation above their own and for that, we owe not only gratitude, but effective support, clear opportunity, and empowerment.


“I am more than happy to deploy every year, deploy away from home and away from family in order to support and defend the people that we have at home – the friends and family and all the other constituents of the United States. I love our country and I am more than happy to deploy every year doing that.”Captain Matt Anderson


“I’d have stayed 30 years if they had let me.” - Technical Sergeant David Romanowsky


“We were a military family and I was just falling in line with that. I really wanted to do something for our country and I’m very glad that I did.”Master Sergeant Kenneth Gestring


“I was medically discharged from United States Marine Corps in ’98…but after 9/11 I was compelled to really come back in…there is no quit in me, there’s no quit in any guys who are here.”First Lieutenant Brian Donarski

Matthew Amidon is the Program Manager for the Bush Institute's Military Service Initiative.

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