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#AskShin: North Korean Prison Camp Survivor Shin Dong-hyuk Answers your Questions

Article by Elizabeth Hoffman October 25, 2013 //   1 minute read

Earlier this week, the Bush Center welcomed North Korean political prison camp survivor Shin Dong-hyuk.  We asked our social media audiences to submit questions about his experience and his ongoing efforts to promote freedom using the hashtag #AskShin.  Here's what Shin had to say:


Ben Voth from Facebook asked:

What would you like American college students to do or to know about North Korea to improve the situation there? #AskShin


Amanda McBride Dietrich from Facebook asked:

What is the best part about living outside of the camp and in society? What have been your biggest struggles adapting to daily life on your own? #AskShin


Joshua Chinn from Facebook asked:

What do you think would be the most proficient use of U.S. influence, as well as your time, in an effort to expand human rights and political freedom in North Korea?  #AskShin


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