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Margaret Spellings Joins the Bush Center

Article by Sally McDonough September 6, 2013 //   2 minute read

Earlier this week, President Bush and Margaret Spellings, our new Bush Foundation president, sat down for a taped discussion about their vision for the next phase of the Bush Center. Margaret’s extensive management and policy experience will be an enormous asset to our team.  And, having worked with her when she Secretary of Education, she makes work fun.

President Bush and Margaret Spellings have a long history together. Her continuous service from when she started as a senior advisor to then-Governor Bush of Texas continued in Washington where she served in a variety of senior-policy positions, including Secretary of Education and White House Domestic Policy Advisor. The closeness of their nearly 20 year relationship was clear in their dialogue this week. What was also evident was the confidence President Bush has in her ability to lead us forward and the enthusiasm and vision she has for the Bush Center and the next phase for the Bush Institute work.

As a staff, we are energized about this next chapter and excited to welcome Margaret. We look forward to her leadership as we work to advance freedom at home and abroad.