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Egypt in Turmoil

Article by Charity Wallace August 16, 2013 //   3 minute read

As the world watches the news and reads reports of the alarming violence and rising death toll, I find myself exceedingly concerned about the deteriorating situation in Egypt.  My thoughts and prayers are with Egyptian citizens, most especially with the 33 Egyptian women who are part of our Women’s Initiative Fellowship.  Readers of this blog are familiar with reports about and stories from the inspiring women who participate in our yearlong leadership program designed to equip and empower them to be effective leaders.  As part of the program, the women learn skills to help build a stronger civil society which is foundational to a stable democracy; and they develop a robust network of women to rely upon. 

Today, I heard from several of my Egyptian friends who have assured me of their safety and reminded me of their fortitude.  One fellow noted, “We understand that Egypt is in unrest but not for long. Egyptians are uniting against terrorism.”  Many of the fellows have expressed their belief that it is a struggle against terror, while supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood have just as passionately conveyed their viewpoint that they espouse democracy and not terrorism. 

Regardless of one’s viewpoint, we know that too many lives are being lost and we pray that the violence ends quickly.  Egypt’s heritage as one of the greatest civilizations should be preserved … and the women that are part of the Fellowship are doing their best to contribute to the future of their beloved nation.  Despite almost insurmountable odds, we are encouraged that the Fellows are shaping their communities and achieving their goals.  Next week, we will begin a Spotlight on the Fellows blog series that showcases their incredible accomplishments as they work to build a brighter future for Egypt.  The remarkable women of the Women’s Initiative Fellowship inspire us and provide hope for a better Egypt.