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Women’s Initiative Receives Jane Doe Award: A Global Effort With A Local Connection

Article by Charity Wallace June 13, 2013 //   2 minute read

The George W. Bush Institute Women’s Initiative was the 2013 recipient of the Genesis Women’s Shelter’s Jane Doe Award in recognition for their work with marginalized women across the globe.  Created to celebrate individuals or groups who are committed to fighting injustices against women and children, the Jane Doe Award represents those who often remain nameless and faceless on their journey to freedom.

The signature program of the Women’s Initiative, the Women’s Initiative Fellowship seeks to empower women to become effective leaders.  With an initial focus in the Middle East and North Africa region, the Fellowship equips participants through leadership training, mentoring opportunities and visits to exemplary organizations across the United States. The inaugural class of Fellows, convened in 2012, was made up of 13 Egyptian women. The second Fellowship began in March 2013 and is comprised of 19 Egyptian women.

During their time in the United States, the Fellows had the opportunity to visit the Genesis Women’s Shelter, and found it to be one of their most beneficial and inspiring visits. Jan Langbein, Executive Director at Genesis and an advocate for women everywhere, provided an overview of the history of domestic violence in the United States and her team’s continued efforts to eradicate this problem. She invited prominent members of the community, including a local judge, a female detective from the Dallas Police Department and men from the Dallas Community, to share their uniformed vision for a community free of domestic violence with the Fellows.    The Fellows were greatly impacted by their visit and touched by the commitment of the entire community. 

We are honored to receive this award and to count the Genesis Women’s Shelter as a partner and friend to the Women’s Initiative.  Please join the Women’s Initiative in thanking Jan and the Genesis Women’s Shelter for their incredible work. 

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