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What We're Reading

Article by George W. Bush Presidential Center June 7, 2013 //   2 minute read

This week, the Freedom Collection remembers the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre. On June 4, 1989, the Chinese military dispersed pro-democracy demonstrators with tanks and lethal force. One of those demonstrators was Fang Zheng, who lost both of his legs in the crackdown.  His interview with the Bush Institute’s Freedom Collection recalls the horror of that day. The Washington Post also reports on why a photo-shopped image on the anniversary of the massacre spurred Chinese officials to censor “rubber duck” web searches. It reminds us that we must tell the story of those struggling against repression, particularly in an age where the world is so closely connected through the Internet and social media.  Such awareness inspires us to take action and help those standing against tyranny.

Amity Shlaes, director of The 4% Growth Project at the Bush Institute, writes this week in The New York Times on America in the 1920s and the middle-class experience of the Gatsby era. She explains that it helps give perspective to how we think of the rest of the world and the economic times of today.

 The Education Reform team is reading Joe Klein’s response in TIME magazine to the the vision of the Franklin Project, as written by General Stanley McChrystal in The Wall Street Journal