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“W” Bush Center Rocks the Socks for 41

Article by Sally McDonough, June 12, 2013 //   2 minute read

We all know that when it comes to socks, no one has better style than 41. In honor of his 89th birthday, we followed in his footsteps!   Staff from the Offices of George W. Bush and Laura Bush, the George W. Bush Foundation, the George W. Bush Institute and the NARA staff at the George W. Bush Presidential Museum and Library wore our most colorful and eccentric socks to work today to celebrate President George H.W. Bush on this special day. 

We also outfitted the beautiful bronze statues of George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush which are located in the Center’s courtyard… it was hard to find the perfect fit, but we thought the yellow socks featuring images of dogs were fitting for the dog-loving father and son.

From all of us at the “W” Bush Center - Happy Birthday, President 41!

The George Bush Foundation invites everyone to share in the birthday festivities by submitting a photo wearing crazy socks by: