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The Cowgirl Spirit Is Within Us All

Article by Charity Wallace March 18, 2013 //   2 minute read

The 2013 Women's Initiative Fellows are off to a great start on their journey, beginning with a month in the United States.  Already this week, the Fellows are starting to expand their networks by developing relationships with each other as well as their American teachers and mentors who are eager to serve as a resource to them. They are participating in interactive leadership courses at SMU that are teaching them practical ways to successfully influence, effectively communicate, lead change, problem solve, make wise decisions, build effective teams, negotiate, and establish powerful networks.  As part of the process, the Fellows are discovering their passions and recognizing their strengths.

The Fellows are inspiring - personally and professionally.  Many have overcome great obstacles.  And, they are investing in their country and communities through employing women, enhancing education, improving health, fighting for human rights and political participation, and using media to inform people of their rights and increase awareness about women's rights.

As they learned on Tuesday night at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame, the "cowgirl" spirit can be found from the plains of the American West to the deserts of Egypt.  Like the cowgirls in the old West, the Women's Initiative Fellows from Egypt possess a sense of purpose and a pioneering spirit.  The courageous and remarkable 2013 Fellows are defined by resilience and courage in the face of great odds ... just like their cowgirl sisters half a world away.

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