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What We're Reading | September 14, 2012

Article by Rachel Tatro February 1, 2013 //   2 minute read

Bokova And Bush: Literacy For Peace In honor of International Literacy Day (September 8), Mrs. Laura Bush co-wrote an opinion editorial with Irina Bokova, UNESCO’s Director-General, calling attention to the negative impact of illiteracy in certain countries saying that “we must focus where needs are most acute — in countries emerging from conflict, moving from autocracy to democracy, from poverty to prosperity. In these situations, education provides a stake in peace. It is the best way to build the future.” My view: to unions, Chicago is the next Wisconsin (CNN, Schools of Thought) Collin Hitt, a senior fellow at the Illinois Policy Institute, weighs in on the Chicago teachers union strike expressing his concern that this debate has become about jobs instead of students.  Hitt walks through education reform efforts (and roadblocks) that have taken place in the region over the past 3 years saying “there is a growing recognition of the need for change.”