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What We’re Reading | October 26, 2012

Article by Jacqueline Lowe February 1, 2013 //   4 minute read

Father of girl shot by Taliban: 'Angels' will help as she recovers
In this update on the health of Malala Yousufzai, the 15-year-old Pakistani girl shot by the Taliban for speaking out for the right to an education, Malala’s family is reunited with their daughter now recovering in a British hospital after the Oct. 9 attack. “In expressing gratitude for the worldwide tributes and messages of support that have flooded in for Malala, her father described her as “the daughter of everybody, the sister of everybody.”” Mrs. Bush recently spoke with Fox News about the attack on Malala and the importance of standing up for her and girls across the world.  “The “lesson is to everyone, really, worldwide, that we need to have the courage to speak up,” said Mrs. Bush.

Is this woman Afghanistan's next president?
“Fawzia Koofi would like to be the next president of Afghanistan. But that is nearly inconceivable, because Koofi is a woman.” This CNN report describes Koofi’s fight for the rights of women in Afghanistan, highlighting the violence and oppression by the Taliban that have attempted to kill Koofi numerous times. Koofi is a Member of Parliament and fights to maintain and advance the gains women have made in her country over the last ten years. “Women of this country deserve peace more than anybody else; but that peace has to be inclusive, so that there is no fear of losing the gains we have had in the past 10 years,” Koofi said.

An Election About the Economy Will Really Be About Entrepreneurs
The 4% Growth Project’s Carl Schramm writes in RealClearMarkets this week about the role of entrepreneurs in our current economy, the history of our country and the upcoming election. Schramm points out in contrast to the role entrepreneurs play in history and in the minds of some, “Today becoming an entrepreneur is widely regarded as an achievement, a good thing, and a role that contributes new products and new jobs to the society.” Schramm argues that it is entrepreneurs and their new businesses that are “the best path to resolving the recession, they are the principal source of wealth for America's future.” We have already heard much about the entrepreneur in this election but Schramm expects that to continue: “The role they play in the economy is much bigger than the role they play in the election. But, given that this election is about the economy it really will be about entrepreneurs.”

Amity Shlaes Bloomberg Column: Obama Slanders the 1920s
In her Bloomberg column, Amity Shlaes, Director of the 4% Growth Project, sets the record straight on what happened economically in the 1920’s. Shlaes points out the trends of rising wages, increased innovation and inventions, falling unemployment rates from 1921-1923, and an estimated economic growth at 4% annually. “One can hazard two guesses as to why Obama slams the 1920s. The first is that the 1920s were followed by the 1930s, a decade of high unemployment.” However, Shlaes points out: “The 1920s are crucial. If we don’t know what really happened then, then we can’t know what is possible now.”