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What We’re Reading | October 12, 2012

Article by Jacqueline Lowe February 1, 2013 //   3 minute read

A Girls’ Courage Challenges Us To Act
Mrs. Laura Bush’s op-ed in The Washington Post this week condemns the brutal attack by the Taliban on a fourteen-year-old Pakistani girl whose only crime was the desire to go to school. "Malala inspires us because she had the courage to defy the totalitarian mind-set others would have imposed on her. Her life represents a brighter future for Pakistan and the region. We must speak up before these acts occur, work to ensure that they do not happen again, and keep our courage to continue to resist the ongoing cruelty and barbarism of the Taliban. "

Voters Should Challenge Candidates on Energy Policy
Bush Institute Fellow with the 4% Growth Project, Bernard Weinstein writes in The Hill’s Congress Blog this week that the candidates should be pressed harder on their energy policies in light of recent rising gas prices: “A slowing world economy is largely responsible for falling energy prices, as is the easing of tensions with Iran and increased production from Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries.” With a town hall style Presidential debate upcoming Weinstein notes, “Let's hope some informed voters will grill the candidates about which energy strategies make the most economic sense for America.”

Romney's foreign policy: More, please
Bush Institute Executive Director James K. Glassman writes, “Even in an election that will surely turn on economic issues, Americans deserve more from their candidates on foreign policy.” In The Hill’s Congress Blog, Glassman reports on Governor Romney’s recent foreign policy speech at the Virginia Military Institute and reflects on the overall lack of foreign policy discussion in the 2012 campaign. Glassman outlines clear questions on issues such as women in Afghanistan, relations with Russia, the reelection of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, that he would put to Romney on foreign policy and invites both candidates to expand on their foreign policy positions. “At long last in this campaign, the candidates are beginning to address foreign policy in an intelligent way. Let’s have more of that.”

Truth and the Dismal Science
Featured this week on RealClearPolitics.com, the 4% Growth Project’s Carl Schramm, writes about the history of growth in our country, why we’ve lost our way and how to get back there, because: “Without growth there are no new jobs, no new wealth, and no gain in human welfare.” Schramm notes, “Gone are the days when our future depends on companies with belching smokestacks, sweating workers with heavy tools, making stuff moved by railcars.” Read his explanation of the history of economic thinkers, entrepreneurship and how our country can get back on a track of economic growth.