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'The 4% Solution': Jeb Bush on Immigration

Article by Matthew Denhart February 13, 2013 //   1 minute read

Jeb Bush recently sat down with Michael Noer of Forbes for an on-camera interview about the Bush Institute's new book, "The 4% Solution." Governor Bush makes clear that the U.S. needs a comprehensive strategy to reach 4% annual economic growth, and that fundamental reform is needed in a number of policy areas including education and immigration. The discussion of immigration reform is especially interesting.

When asked what he thinks of Gary Becker's idea (from Chapter 17) of auctioning off U.S. visas, the former governor responded favorably calling it an "intriguing idea." He further adds that immigrants revitalize our country and that the debate over immigration is a decade behind. Rather than shunning immigrants, our country needs to be asking how it can attract people with the skills the economy needs to grow. The video of the full interview is below, and a transcript of the discussion is available here.