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Debating Property Rights

Article by Matthew Denhart February 1, 2013 //   1 minute read
Day two of the inaugural George W. Bush Institute Economic Debate Weekend is underway from the Westin Park Central Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The debate topic for today has been kept secret, but was finally unveiled this morning. After one hour of preparation, over 100 students are now debating the following resolution:
Resolved: Private property rights are necessary for strong economic growth.
To aid them in their preparation and continued exploration of the topic, each student has been provided a copy of Hernando de Soto’s famous book, “The Mystery of Capital,” along with Gaurav Tiwari’s “International Property Rights Index 2012.” It is our hope that today’s debate on the importance of property rights for economic growth is just the beginning of a more in-depth exploration of the topic by the debate students.