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Bush Center In The News | August 21, 2012

Article by Hannah Abney February 1, 2013 //   2 minute read

Election offers choice of two economies SFGate By Brendan Miniter August 18, 2012 Ecuador grants asylum to WikiLeaks' Julian Assange USA Today By David Agren and Donna Leinwand Leger August 17, 2012 Also appeared on USA Today (Print), The Spectrum and PostCrescent.com More Bad News for Missouri Competitiveness Show Me Institute By Joseph Haslag and Michael Podgursky August 17, 2012 ‘Left, Right & Center’: The 13 Percent Solution TruthDig By Alexander Reed Kelly August 17, 2012 Maine Lobster Tastes Best With Dash of Supply Side Bloomberg By Amity Shlaes August 16, 2012 Also appeared on WashingtonPost.com Kerri Briggs Speaks on Her Experiences in Education LTF Blog By Timothy Huneycutt August 16, 2012 To improve math instruction in Dallas high schools, DISD needs to look at matheducation in its middle schools DallasNews.com By William McKenzie August 15, 2012 Your RNC keynote speaker: Chris Christie’s best moments The Washington Post By Rachel Weiner August 14, 2012 Gross Folly The American By James K. Glassman August 14, 2012 Dallas’ failing schools need to focus on math instruction DallasNews.com By William McKenzie August 14, 2012 Three Reasons Paul Ryan Makes the U.S. a Better Investment Bloomberg By Amity Shlaes August 13, 2012 The Ryan Decision Dallas Morning News By William McKenzie August 13, 2012 Also appeared on DallasNews.com, Las Vegas Sun, SpokaneSpokesman Review, The Post and Courier, Nashua Telegraph and Spokesman-Review Poverty matters in school rankings Battle Creek Enquirer By Justin A. Hinkley August 13, 2012