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Argo's Oscar Puts Focus On Iran

Article by Christopher Walsh February 26, 2013 //   1 minute read

Hollywood just placed its brightest spotlight on Iran.  With Argo's "Best Picture" win at Sunday’s Academy Awards, it is important to remember that the repression Tehran exerts against its people is more than the stuff of screenplays.  Argo tells the story of a clandestine CIA operation to rescue U.S. diplomats in the wake of Iran’s Islamic Revolution; now it is the people of Iran, deprived of freedom and prosperity, who are in need of help.  Personal testimonies from Iranian dissidents on the Freedom Collection provide first-hand accounts of life behind the veil of dictatorship.  They reveal the details of imprisonment, torture, suppression of women, and government intimidation.  Thirty four years after Argo's story ends, freedom activists like Nima Rashedan and Mohsen Sazegara depict the ongoing atrocities in modern-day Iran: