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Trading myths: Addressing misconceptions about trade, jobs, and competitiveness

Article by Matthew Denhart May 3, 2012 //   1 minute read

McKinsey Global Institute To revive anemic growth in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, policy makers in many mature economies are working to increase investment and net exports, hoping to sustain growth and employment at a time when domestic consumption looks to remain weak. They are focusing on manufacturing in particular, amid a perception that these countries are losing ground to emerging markets. But efforts to stimulate manufacturing and exports may raise the risk of protectionism. It’s important for the debate on trade and its impact to be rooted in facts. With this point in mind, a report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI)—Trading myths: Addressing misconceptions about trade, jobs, and competitiveness—analyzes the performance of the mature economies’ tradable sectors. We found that reality is often at odds with conventional wisdom. Read More