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Tax Summit for 4% Growth

Article by Four Percent March 22, 2012 //   1 minute read

In a column published today by Forbes, Amity Shlaes previews the Bush Institute's upcoming conference on "Tax Policies for 4% Growth." From the intro:

Imagine a country that has decided it can’t grow anymore. At least not fast. Experts tell its leaders that slow growth is structural, cultural, inimical to this land — they might as well try to change a person’s height. Sure, there are countries that grow at 7% or more a year, but they are on other continents. When it comes to the home country, only one expert plays the outlier. He says 5% growth here is “entirely feasible.” Everyone ignores him.   The country in that story isn’t the U.S. in 2012. It’s India in 1955. The dreamy economist who thought India could grow was Milton Friedman. The second country, the one that was growing at 7%, was the U.S.

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