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What We're Reading | May 11, 2012

Article by George W. Bush Presidential Center May 11, 2012 //   2 minute read

Insight – Afghan women fade from White House focus as exit nears: As recent as 2001, Afghan women weren’t allowed to attend school or leave their homes without being accompanied by a male.  Today, they are back in school and represent a quarter of parliament.  However, some fear that such hard earned progress is at risk.  Even with the recent spike in violence against women, one Afghan woman declares, "we want to be engaged in the peace process, in the transition, and decisions about the future of Afghanistan.  In all of this we want to be engaged and we want our voice to be heard." (Reuters, Laura MacInnis and Amie Ferris-Rotman) A welcome-home gift for veterans: Jobs: With over 100,000 servicemen and women forecasted to enter the workforce over the next five years, Admiral Mullen and Mr. Cohen address the ramifications of an influx in workers.  Arguing that “America’s veterans are a tremendous human capital resource”, Mullen and Cohen urge the United States and all Americans to “show them and offer them tools to better incorporate veterans into the workplace.” (Washington Post, Mike Mullen and Steven A. Cohen) One in 6 Cancers Caused by Infection: A global study focusing on the efficacy of vaccines in cancer prevention shows that one in every six cases of cancer is caused by infection.  While understanding “the realization that infections like HPV can trigger cancer is relatively new”, experts also remind the public that “behavioral risk factors still loom large” implying that vaccines shouldn’t be the only measure taken to prevent cancer. (ABC News Medical Unit, Katie Moisse)