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What We're Reading | January 27, 2012

Article by George W. Bush Presidential Center January 27, 2012 //   3 minute read


CARE Learning Tour travels to GHANA:  Each year, CARE hosts a multi-day Learning tour with U.S. policymakers and other influential decision-makers in order to raise awareness about family health issues, particularly in relation to women and children.  Each tour provides the delegation with firsthand knowledge of the core issues poor communities face.  In the past, CARE hosted the Bush Institute’s Anita McBride and Mark Dybul, as well as Jenna Bush Hager on prior trips to Sierra Leone and Ethiopia.  To read more about CARE’s recent Learning Tour of Liberia and Ghana click here.

  Capriles Radonski and the New Venezuelan Opposition: This week, Leopoldo Lopez ended his candidacy for President of Venezuela and endorsed Henrique Capriles Radonoski.  His endorsement signaled a consolidation of power that would only solidify the opposition as a serious challenger for Chavez.  Although Chavez remains popular, “he faces three obstacles besides Capriles Radonski: dysfunction in the economy, a weak administration that is unable to cope with high crime rates, and his alleged battle with cancer.” (Foreign Affairs, Michael Penfold) Empowering Leaders, Building Communities and Working Toward Global Health Equity:  Global Health Corps is a nonprofit organization which aims to mobilize a global community of emerging leaders to build the movement for health equity.  As CEO and Co-Founder, Barbara Bush believes “We are in this together, and we have an obligation to raise our voices and work towards the day that a mother survives childbirth, not based on where she’s from, but based on access to quality healthcare.”    (Huffington Post, Barbara Bush) Vaclav Havel and Us:  When Vaclev Havel addressed the people of Czechoslovak in his first New Year's Day address as their president in 1989, he did not hide the poor state of their nation, saying outright, "Our country is not flourishing." Weigel reflects on Havel's honesty and morality as a politician and urges us to look for the same in the leaders we elect. After Havel's passing this December, Director of Human Freedom for the Bush Institute, Amanda Schnetzer, also talked about all the lessons we can learn from such a great leader in this blog post. (Ethics and Public Policy Center, George Weigel)