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What We're Reading | January 13, 2012

Article by George W. Bush Presidential Center January 14, 2012 //   2 minute read

Burma’s Tightrope- Today, the Burmese government announced the release of hundreds of political prisoners and a ceasefire agreement between the government and the Karen National Union. Although these are momentous steps forward on the path to reform, “none of this can disguise the fact that Burma is still a country under authoritarian rule”. (Foreign Policy, Aung Zaw) Director of Human Freedom for the Bush Institute, Amanda Schnetzer, offered her thoughts on the subject and raised the question, “Can we be hopeful about Burma?Top Education Next Articles of 2011 – Education Next posted their top 20 articles for 2011, which were measured by page views. Three education reform fellows from the Bush Institute made it into the top 15: Robert Costrell and Michael Podgursky came in at #15 with “Teacher Retirement Benefits”, Michael Podgursky at #13 with “Fringe Benefits”, and Jay P. Greene discusses the Global Report Card at #10 with “When the Best is Mediocre”. (Education Next) Why Invest in Women? – USAID put together an infographic packed with compelling statistics about women, specifically those living in developing countries, and why it is important to empower them. “A woman multiplies the impact of an investment made in her future by extending benefits to the world around her, creating a better life for her family and building a strong community.” (USAID, infographic)