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What We're Reading | April 13, 2012

Article by George W. Bush Presidential Center April 13, 2012 //   2 minute read

Wonkbook: On Taxes, George W. Bush Has Won: This week, President Bush spoke at the Bush Institute’s conference on Tax Policies for 4% Growth and made the comment (in jest) that he wished they weren’t called the “Bush Tax Cuts” because they would be less likely to be raised. Ezra Klein argues that President Bush is “selling himself short” and when you look at the stances taken on both sides of the aisle, “The bulk of the Bush tax cuts are now a bipartisan affair.” (Washington Post, Ezra Klein) Burma’s Women are Paving the Road to Freedom:  “The Freedom Collection website, newly launched by the George W. Bush Institute, provides an influential platform for dissidents and human rights advocates to speak publicly about their dreams of freedom and the risks they take to pursue them.”  Burma is a perfect example of how support for freedom fighters and dissidents around the globe can ultimately lead to positive change in countries that are struggling for democracy. (Foreign Policy, Jean M. Geran) An Ironic Anniversary in Venezuela: Ten Years ago, Venezuela witnessed one of the largest protests in its history, complete with a brutal massacre and coup d'état, which resulted in President Chavez being briefly imprisoned and ultimately regaining power shortly thereafter. The hero of this revolution was a Chavez Loyalist, General Raúl Baduel, who is celebrating this 10th anniversary from a jail cell.  Although he saved President Chavez  10 years ago, Baduel must know that “he should have seen it coming. He should have realized how dangerous it is to be known as the man who saved the revolution.”  After all, Hugo Chávez “can't abide to play second fiddle”. (Foreign Policy, Francisco Toro)