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Soldier Golfs with President George W. Bush

Article by George W. Bush Presidential Center October 31, 2011 //   1 minute read

Renee Passal | WDIO-TV

Brian Saaristo took up golf in 2007. He's a soldier originally from Cloquet, who lost his legs while serving in Iraq in 2006.

But he healed quickly, and got used to his prosthetic legs in record time, according to his doctors. Golfing helped him tremendously, he said.

He was able to use his golf skills in the first Warrior Open in Texas this month, which was put on by the Bush Center's Military Service Initiative.

"It was awesome. I'm able to show others that anything is possible," he said over the phone.

His family went with him, and even had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Bush.

19 other veterans who had critical injuries from global war on terror also played in the tournament.

Some professional golfers, like Greg Norman, also participated.