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No Child Left Behind turns 10

Article by George W. Bush Presidential Center January 12, 2012 //   2 minute read

Recently, to mark the 10th anniversary of No Child Left Behind, President George W. Bush spoke with TIME’s education columnist, Andrew J. Rotherham, to discuss his take on the landmark federal education law: “First of all, I am extremely proud of the effects of No Child Left Behind. For the first time, the federal government basically demanded results in return for money. It started by saying, We expect you to measure [student performance]. As a result, there has been a noticeable change in achievement…” Throughout the interview, President Bush continued in that vein. He responded to supporters and critics alike, saying that educational excellence is the ultimate objective and accountability is at the heart of achieving it. “People like [former school superintendents] Joel Klein and Michelle Rhee, people who are willing to challenge the status quo, tell you that one thing that made it effective was the accountability.” Read the full interview here

President Bush continues his commitment to public education through his work with The George W. Bush Institute. Visit http://www.bushcenter.com/portal-edReform/education-reform to find out more.