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Meet the Warriors

Article by George W. Bush Presidential Center April 13, 2012 //   3 minute read

Before the 2nd annual W100 begins, take a minute to meet each of the heroic warriors taking part in this 100 kilometer adventure. Their photos and bios can be found in the Rider Bios section. In addition, we asked each warrior what they are most looking forward to and what they are doing to prepare for the ride:

Dana and I are most looking forward to three days of mountain biking and fellowship with other Wounded Warriors and of course spending time with President Bush and his awesome staff.

–Sergeant Major Chris Self, USA

To prepare I am in Austin, TX with Team Red, White and Blue for a triathlon camp. This will definitely help me with riding in the heat and pushing my endurance to ensure I don't get passed by Pres. Bush. Really looking forward to this opportunity! 

–Petty Officer Chris Goehner, USN, Ret

I am most looking forward to the opportunity to ride with fellow warriors and former President Bush. Biking is my ultimate release. It's how I get outside of my own head for a while and relax. When I'm on the trail jumping over rocks and logs, or just tearing down windy curves, all else fades away. It also provides me with a way to literally wear myself out. By the end of a good day on the bike, my legs are shaky and I can barely stand. It's an honor to have this opportunity and I'm really looking forward to it!

–Corporal Dave Smith, USMC

I have been training for this by riding, basically.  I will ride distance rides for stamina and hitting the trials for some more technical training.  I just love riding, mountain bikes as well as road bikes.  I think I am looking most forward to meeting President Bush as well as the other riders.  I love things like, where I am able to fellowship with other Vets with similar circumstances as mine.  I'm really looking forward to the ride and being able to ride a new area, and looking forward to taking it all in.

–Sergeant David Wright, USMC

When I worked at the White House from 2007-2008, I was directly involved in wounded warrior policy, and I saw just how much the President cared about wounded warriors.  On numerous occasions, I heard him speak about how grateful our country is for the sacrifice all these warriors have made.  He cares so much about these guys!  I'm so excited to be part of this event, and grateful to President Bush for putting it on.  It's going to be amazing to be around the President and the wounded warriors!

–Major Daniel Gade, USA

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