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Mark Dybul on “Reshaping Global Health”

Article by Eric G. Bing June 4, 2012 //   2 minute read

George W. Bush Institute Global Health Fellow, The Hon. Mark Dybul, is lead author on a major policy paper, “Reshaping Global Health”, published in the Stanford University/Hoover Institute’s Policy Review calling for a radical restructuring of global health institutions: “The opening ten years of the 21st century arguably were the decade of global health. Resources increased significantly and many millions of lives were saved and improved. Several large global health institutions were born out of the heady days of the opening of this century. However, the focus on specific diseases has imposed and exposed fault lines in delivering services in places where many suffer from multiple health issues at the same time or at varying points in their lives. Put more directly, today and every day, people will die and lives will not be improved because of the way global health is governed and implemented.” Co-authors are Prof. Peter Piot, former Executive Director of UNAIDS and the current Director of the London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and Dean Julio Frenk, former Minister of Health of Mexico and the current Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health. Read the full paper here.