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“Living Proof” That U.S. Investments in Global Health Are Working – at the Gates Foundation Website

Article by George W. Bush Presidential Center October 20, 2010 //   2 minute read

One of the Web sites that is most useful – and most inspiring – in the area of global health is the "Living Proof Project" at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Website. The mini-site offers a number of beautifully illustrated multimedia pages that highlight the many successes of U.S.-funded global health initiatives. To quote Living Proof, “Millions of lives have already been transformed and saved with effective, affordable solutions. We have the knowledge, innovative technologies and proven tools to do much more.” Currently, you can see a demonstration of the Ethiopian project – visited recently by the Bush Institute Fellow in Global Health Mark Dybul, M.D. - in which over 32,000 high-school educated women have been trained as Health Extension Workers and are now teaching “rural families disease prevention and healthy living.” There is also a splendid set of downloadable Progress Sheets about specific areas of concern. Here, for example, is the Progress Sheet about Progress Towards Maternal, Newborn, and Child Health. The whole Living Proof Project is well worth spending some time with. – Sam Schulman