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From the conference: Ethan Zuckerman on the commercialization of free speech

Article by George W. Bush Presidential Center April 19, 2010 //   1 minute read

The Berkman Center’s Ethan Zuckerman and Hal Roberts gave a marvelous presentation on the digital nuts and bolts behind Internet censorship efforts – and Zuckerman concluded with a wonderful point that harmonizes with Freedom House’s notion of the commercialization of censorship. So many of the tools that provide users worldwide with a public space in which to communicate are commercial ventures, like Facebook and Twitter. So the task of those who want to ensure that the cybersphere remains free must engage with these companies and others in the same way that we must engage with governments and international organizations. We will be posting material from Berkman Center in the next day or so. Ethan’s own blog, My Heart’s in Accra, is following the conference (presumably when he is not actually speaking).