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Fellow James W. Guthrie contributes to a major new education book, Stretching the School Dollar

Article by James W. Guthrie September 8, 2010 //   2 minute read

Our colleague Jim Guthrie provides the opening chapter in a major book just published by Harvard Education Press: Stretching the School Dollar: How Schools and Districts Can Save Money While Serving Students Best, edited by Frederick M. Hess and Eric Osberg. Osberg describes Jim’s chapter, co-written with Vanderbilt’s Arthur Peng, as setting the stage for an in-depth discussion of “ how schools can be successful in tough economic times,” and quotes them succinctly: “A 100-year era of perpetual per-pupil fiscal growth will soon slow or stop. The causes of this situation are far more fundamental than the current recession. Schools should start buckling their seat belts now.” No less a hero than Rhode Island’s school commissioner Deborah Gist says that the book “arrives at a time when it is urgently needed. It is ideal for school district and state leaders who are interested in—even desperate to know—how our school systems can do more with less.” You’re sure to hear more about it in the year to come.   -Sam Schulman