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Ethan Zuckerman of Harvard's Berkman Center sums up the Cyber Dissidents Conference

Article by George W. Bush Presidential Center April 22, 2010 //   2 minute read

Ethan, who together with his colleague Hal Roberts, gave a fascinating presentation to the Conference Monday morning, blogs his impressions of the day, and sums up succinctly the views of each presenter, particularly the dissidents themselves.  I urge you to read his whole piece, but I will quote his last thought, which we value because it reflects what we are trying to accomplish at the Bush Institute: “I’m really glad I came. The people I met were smart, engaged, willing to teach, learn and accept critique. I felt like 80% of the conversation of the day could have happened in an event held by a group with a sharply different political stance, like my friends at Open Society Institue, and the 20% which was different was fascinating as well. I’m grateful for the opportunity and for the warm reception Hal and I received from kind and thoughtful hosts. Monday’s meeting was a great reminder that it’s worth seeking out smart people you disagree with and looking for common ground – hope to do more of that sort of work.” Please read his whole blog post.