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Egypt's Women in the Balance

Article by Charity Wallace December 27, 2011 //   2 minute read

The recent news coming from Egypt is alarming. Many around the world were shocked and horrified to see the brutal beating of women in the streets of Cairo. The very women who courageously stood shoulder to shoulder with men during the days of the revolution are now being beaten and mistreated. There is great expectation amongst Egyptians for change that will result in every person’s voice being heard and everyone’s rights protected. However, the recent events are cause for concern. As we look around the world, it is clear that countries that respect the rights of both men and women are more stable, free, and prosperous. As Rola Dashti said during her fight for women’s rights in Kuwait, “half a democracy is not a democracy.” The elections in Egypt signal that the early seeds of democracy are beginning to take root. But, for Egypt to flourish, women must remain part of the equation in a meaningful way. Women have now taken to the streets to declare that they will not stand for the brutal treatment of their sisters. I hope Egyptians stand firmly together, as they did during the revolution, to ensure that all people are treated fairly and with respect. Only then can Egypt truly experience the freedom that a true democracy promises.