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Bush Institute Releases Survey to Learn More About State Policies Impacting Principals

Article by Kerri L. Briggs March 14, 2012 //   2 minute read

Today, the Bush Institute, through its Alliance to Reform Education Leadership, and in partnership with the Council of Chief State School Officers, released a survey to all 50 states to learn more about state laws, rules, and regulations impacting principal preparation and licensure. The survey is designed to help us better understand:

  • If states are setting standards of principal effectiveness and how they are being used
  • State requirements of principal preparation programs
  • The process states use to approve principal preparation programs and monitor their quality over time
  • Principal licensure requirements, both initial and renewal

Principals are integral to teacher effectiveness and student academic achievement. Yet, while there are ongoing efforts to collect information on state policies impacting teachers, AREL determined that there is no similar compilation of data around principals. Using the information collected from this survey, AREL intends to create state snapshots that can help inform the policy conversation nationally to ensure that we are enabling principals to more effectively lead schools and drive student achievement.