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  • Members of Team 43 were injured in the global war on terror and exemplify the resilience and continued leadership of our nation's warriors and their families.

William T. Rosborough

William T. Rosborough

Gunnery Sergeant
U.S. Marine Corps
Warrior Open Participant 2011, 2012

Gunnery Sergeant William T. Rosborough enlisted on 10 April 1991 and served for 18 years in the U.S. Marine Corps.  He was medically retired on 30 March 2009. 

Rosborough deployed to northern Iraq in February 2004 and on 7 August 2004, Rosborough was critically wounded by a large, complex and coordinated attack by anti-American forces that included two vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED's). 

The game of golf became utmost important in both the physical and mental rehabilitation of Rosborough since being wounded.  Rosborough also enjoys working outdoors and still spends time assisting other combat wounded and veterans navigate through the complex process of Marine Corps and VA entitlements and compensation. 

Rosborough continues to pursue higher education and his youngest son, Cameron, will begin college at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay during January of 2018.  Rosborough and his wife, Amy, recently relocated to Bettendorf, Iowa, near where they grew up and where they have a large support network of friends and family.

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