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Sana Dimassi

2015 Women's Initiative Fellow

Sana is a civil society activist and the Founder and President of the Tunisian association Young Leaders Without Borders.  Her organization aims to inspire and encourage young Tunisian leaders to become involved in local projects.  She believes this involvement strengthens the capacity of young leaders to generate sustainable, positive change in Tunisia.

Sana currently holds the position of Corporate Manager at New Age, a communications and audiovisual production company in Tunisia. Within New Age, Sana is part of the steering committee of the project “Wajjahni.com” (translated: Mentor Me).  Wajjahni is a web platform for youth offering career guidance and entrepreneurship advice by matching their online profiles to a project or job.

Sana received her Master's degree in Business Management from the Mediterranean School of Business and a B.A. in English.

Update: March 2016

Sana’s passion revolves around youth empowerment. As a founding member and president of a Tunisian non-profit called Young Leaders Without Borders (YLWB), Sana recognizes the importance of mobilizing community members to participate in local humanitarian projects. 

Upon returning to Tunisia after the United States portion of the Women’s Initiative Fellowship, Sana trained her YLWB team by teaching them the skills she learned at SMU. She also designed an online web platform dedicated to facilitating conversations between young people and their local governance. Sana hopes the platform will stimulate transparency and partnership expansion between the two groups. Professionally, Sana works with a mentoring website, Wajjahni.com (translation: mentor me), which offers counsel on careers and networking, and matches users with potential projects or jobs.

Sana credits the Fellowship for increasing her competency in communications and networking skills, which she uses on a daily basis. Sana’s next project aims to pay it forward by creating school programs which empower young girls through leadership building activities and offering other positive opportunities.

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