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Nihed Riahi

2015 Women's Initiative Fellow

Nihed recently completed her medical studies at the Medical Faculty of Tunisia. She is proud to serve as a volunteer in the Tunisian Red Crescent where she is a member of the health and first aid team in the regional committee of Ariana. 

In her most recent project, Nihed and her team provided health screenings to over 200 citizens at a festival in the city. Throughout Tunisia, chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes, are largely undiagnosed. Nihed wants to ensure citizens are both educated and treated for these diseases.  In addition to her role as a doctor on the team, Nihed trains volunteers with limited medical knowledge on how to screen and diagnose certain ailments. This allows the organization to have maximum impact within their community despite   a limited medical staff.

Nihed is focused is on improving the quality of healthcare and medical technology in the poorest areas in Tunisia.  She feels strongly that all Tunisian citizens deserve access to the best medical care and hopes that through her training and work with Red Crescent she can develop new methods to improve their treatments.

An accomplished linguist, Nihed speaks four languages: Arabic, French, English, and German.

Update: March 2016

An occupational physician, Nihed joined the Women’s Initiative Fellowship in 2015 in order to improve her leadership skills. Nihed cares deeply about her patients, particularly those in rural areas. Her passion for humanitarian work has led her to work with volunteer organizations, like the Tunisian Red Crescent, that bring medical services to those in need.

Nihed’s work on disease prevention and the provision of quality health care has motivated her to speak up and raise awareness of these important issues. With the help of the Women’s Initiative Fellowship, along with her academic training, Nihed has successfully led medical campaigns in Tunisia to facilitate access to healthcare for citizens in marginalized communities. She hopes to continue expanding access to medical services for more of Tunisia’s citizens.

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